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Sandra Stone


Architecture and design are my first passion.  I have studied abroad in Switzerland and Italy for degree credit.  Designing  projects around Texas and in Mexico.  Working and studying Architectural Design has led me to bridge the art of designing/studying a structure to capturing its essence in a photographic image.  Identifying the significant design elements and painting them in the best light possible is a process I enjoy.


I use Revit, LightRoom,  AutoCAD, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and many other programs.  Although photography skills are imperative to the final image, it is the manipulation of the "shot" that is an art unto itself.  The Glassell School at the Museum of Fine Arts is where I have honed and continue to learn about the art of Photography. At Snapped Up we use professional grade equipment, cameras, lenses, and the latest technology in Drone Video/Photography.


It takes a trained eye to identify the most impressive focal point of a space and the best illustration of its surroundings. Determining the best lighting, the best angle, all come from professional training and experience.  


Let me help you get your listing 




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